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Ink Drawings. Book of my work by Century Guild Gallery. Pls back it here & share

JUST LAUNCHED! David Mack: MUSE life drawings Century Guild Gallery is offering this book of my life drawings. You can order your preferred package combination on the kickstarter here. Cat T-shirt, posters, original art, & more. If we transcend the initial goal, we will try to make the book even larger.

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Inceptualized Reality by Brad Sloanis a kickstarter project to finance a photography book presenting the infamous New York City in a dreamlike state.

I’ve always had a fascination with architectural lines and how they interact with one another. In April of 2012, I visited Manhattan for the first time. I was immediately struck with the way that the modern metropolis skyline interacts and connects with everything around it. 

I would like the opportunity to shoot in New York City once again capturing its stunning urban landscapes. Using these images, I will create a book that will explore the reality and unreality of how those lines intersect.

My book will feature my unique composite images that I create using a variety of photo editing software tools. I use multiple exposure images that fold onto themselves, transcend reality and find beauty within complexity. 

To make this book a reality, I will need financial backing for travel, the expenses incurred while exploring the city and book publishing costs. My goal is for $5000. Anything above that goal will be put toward equipment upgrades which would enhance future pictures.

Click here to view this project on Kickstarter.